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Welcome to the S-Meter Website. Check your signal and listen to others on remote receivers. Read thousands of pages of ham radio information. Download malware-free radio-related design software.

Menus take you to major sections. Thousands of other pages are buried within. Search from the bottom of any page if you don't see what you are looking for. You may want to Bookmark interesting content, because some things here can be difficult to find anywhere else!

Ham Radio Search Engine Small ham radio sites with valuable information often are ranked far below well-connected larger sites that have nothing to do with ham radio in major search engine results. Because of that we have created a new Ham Radio Search engine that searches only sites that have information related to ham radio. Your site is probably already in the database. If not, you can submit it to make it easier for others to find.

The Ham Radio Search page also includes a standard Google search box, so can you make that page your web browser home page or default search engine page and then be able to easily search either ham radio sites or the entire web from the same page.

Participate in the Ham Radio Forum. Discuss antennas, grounds, amplifiers, electronics, equipment fabrication, science, math, the website receivers, and other things in the Ham Radio Forum.

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