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Remote receivers available at the S-Meter site
Available Receivers
LocationReceiverPrimary PurposeProvided byStatus/InfoListen
Dallas, Texas, USATEN-TEC PegasusLong-term listening to preset frequenciesBob Bellar, K5AHT

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Newport, Oregon, USAKenwood
Short-term listening to user set frequenciesMartek InternationalOnline while antennas are being installed
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Pahrump, Nevada, USAIcom
756 Pro II
Long-term listening to privately set frequenciesArt Bell, W6OBBOnline
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Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaIcom
756 Pro III
Long-term listening to privately set frequenciesManfred Kohl, 7Z1UG / DK2UGOffline
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Salt Lake City, Utah, USAKenwood
Short-term listening to user set frequenciesMartek InternationalOffline, moved to Newport, Oregon
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Receiver Audio Streaming
Windows Media Player is required to listen to any of these receivers. If you are using Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000 you can install the latest version here.

Configuring Windows Media Player to Display Audio Spectrum Plots
Audio-frequency-spectrum plots will be produced on the audio streaming pages if you perform the configuration steps described here before listening to the receivers. (It is not necessary to repeat these steps each time you return to the site. The configuration will be saved by your computer.)

Dallas, Texas, USA Receiver
The Dallas receiver is Ten-Tec Pegasus. Receiving frequencies are computer-controlled according to a fixed schedule that is posted on the audio streaming page. This receiver is made available compliments of Bob Bellar, K5AHT.

Newport, Oregon, USA Receiver
This is a remotely-controllable Kenwood R-5000 receiver that has been online in Newport since late in 2011. RF noise levels were high and it wasn't possible to install a decent receiving antenna at its original location. However, in May of 2015 it was moved to a different location a couple miles away where noise levels are relatively low and there is plenty of space for antennas. It is currently using a Clifton Laboratories Z1501D Active Antenna with a 12-foot vertical whip connected via a 125-foot direct-burial 75-ohm coaxial cable until a better HF antenna can be installed. The VHF antenna is a fat broadband folded half-wave dipole 25 feet above ground that connects via a 4:1 balun and 70-feet of quad-shielded RG6 coaxial cable.

Pahrump, Nevada, USA Receiver
The Pahrump receiver is an Icom 756ProII made available compliments of Art Bell, W6OBB.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Receiver
The Riyadh receiver is an Icom 756 Pro III controlled by and made available compliments of Manfred Kohlm, 7Z1UG / DK2UG.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Receiver
The Kenwood R-5000 receiver used to be located 13-miles north of Salt Lake City, but was moved to Newport, Oregon in 2011. Listen to the receiver in Newport

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