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Do you sometimes have trouble finding obscure information on the web? If so, you are not alone. General-purpose search engines work amazingly well finding the ordinary things most people search for, but they don't always understand what someone with special interests wants. If you search for something having to do with tubes are you interested in plastic tubes, cardboard tubes, or radio tubes? Does the word "ham" in your search refer to pork or radio operators? General-purpose search engines have to do lots of guessing. Special purpose search engines that include only certain types of sites significantly reduce that problem and make it more likely that you will find what you want.

The things most people search for are easy to find, because they are common and on major websites. In contrast, people like us with special interests often search for things most people know nothing about. Someone somewhere in the world has posted exactly what we are looking for on a personal web page or a page buried deep within a large site, but because that page has few if any incoming links from other websites, major search engines don't consider it important and list it hundreds or even thousands of pages down in search results where it is difficult to find.

The Ham Radio Search engine improves the odds of finding pages like that, because it searches only ham radio sites and other sites that are closely related to ham radio, such as sites related to electronic theory, electronic circuits, radio propagation, or having materials used in the construction of antennas or the fabrication of ham radio equipment.

For Use by all Radio Amateurs and Ham Radio Websites The S-Meter site is hosting Ham Radio Search for use by all hams and ham radio websites, because it doesn't just search this site, it searches a huge number of websites related to ham radio. If your ham radio website isn't included yet, you can to submit it to make it easier for other hams to find.

Two Search Boxes The Ham Radio Search page has two search boxes. The top search box searches only ham radio-related sites. The bottom search box searches the entire Google database. Sometimes the results from either search engine will be similar. Other times they will be very different, depending on what you have searched for.

Use Ham Radio Search as Your Home Page or Default Search Engine Because of the two search boxes you can set Ham Radio Search as your web browser home page and then search either way when you open a browser window depending on what you want to find.

Suggest a Site for Inclusion in the Ham Radio Search Engine The Ham Radio Search engine already searches a huge number of sites related to Amateur Radio. If you have a ham radio site that hasn't been included or if you know of another site that should be added, submit it to the Ham Radio Search engine here.

Suggest a Site to Google Links have been provided both here and on the search page where you can Submit a Site to Google if your website is not included in the main Google database of websites.

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