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Where is the SMeter website located, what are the the terms and conditions of use, and what is the privacy statement?

The S-Meter Ham Radio website is a service of Martek in Newport, Oregon. EMail can be sent via the Contact Us page. Postal mail can be sent to:

2226 N. Coast Highway #248
Newport, Oregon 97365

Newport, Oregon Receiver
A remotely-controllable Kenwood R-5000 receiver is located on a 260-foot (79-meter) hill overlooking Yaquina Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The receiver is not used here locally and is dedicated to 24/7 website visitor remote control via an internet webpage interface. However, individual website users sometimes are allowed exclusive use during limited periods.

Salt Lake City, Utah Receiver
The Kenwood receiver that is now in Newport, Oregon was previously located for many years on the west slope of Bountiful Peak, 13-miles (21 km) north of the Salt Lake City business district. There is no longer an S-Meter site receiver at that location.

Other On-Line Receiver Available at the S-Meter site
You also can listen to receivers located in Pahrump, Nevada and Dallas, Texas from either the desktop or mobile websites.

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