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Your Remote S-Meter Website Visitor Statistics

How much activity does the site have, where does it come from, when are the busiest times, and other details

(June 05 Note: These are Sept 04 stats. S-Meter website traffic has tripled since that time.)

Rapid Visitor Growth
Monthly Visitor Bar Chart This chart shows monthly visitor activity trends over the past six months. As you can see, website activity is growing rapidly.

The orange bars plot the number of unique visitors per month. Unique visitors are visitors that have accessed the site from uniquely different IP Addresses. Repeat visits from the same IP addresses are not included in those counts. Search engine spiders and scans by other types of bots (automatic programs) also are excluded. There were 8063 unique human visitors to the site in September.

The yellow bars show an increasing number of repeat visitors (visitors using IP Addresses that have been used before) each month. Most websites have few repeat visitors, but many visitors return to this site.

The blue bars plot the number of web pages viewed. That trend is difficult to see because of the scale used for plotting, but webpage views have grown each month at a rate that is similar to the growth of other plotted statistics. 80,953 web pages were viewed by unique human visitors during September.

The cyan bars plot website resource hits. Every webpage file, cascading style sheet file, image file, program file, or other type of file is counted as a resource for the purpose of that statistic. There were 1,029,795 resource hits during September. (Some websites display resource hit counters, which are very misleading, because each visitor normally hits multiple resources to display single web pages)

The green bars show a rapidly increasing amount of Internet bandwidth used to upload web pages and other resources from the site.

Busiest Days of the Week
Busiest Days of the Week More Internet bandwidth is used on Mondays (more visitors listen to the receiver). More web pages are viewed on Wednesdays. Your guess is as good as ours as to why that happens. Whatever the reason, the same pattern has persisted for months.

The lowest receiver and webpage activity levels occur on Saturdays.

Busiest Hours of the Day
Busiest Hours of the Day

The times above are local times here in Utah. Add seven hours to convert to UTC. More Internet bandwidth is used between 05:00 and 10:00 AM when the receiver is being used more. More web pages are viewed afternoons and evenings. That pattern also has continued for months. Whatever the reasons may be, more people listen to the receiver early each week and early each day and more study technical webpage information mid-week, mid-afternoons, and evenings.

Visitor Domains
These were the top-ten website visitor domains/countries in September. The bandwidth statistics below do not include audio streaming, program file downloading, or User Forum accesses (audio streaming bandwidth is huge compared to the webpage amounts shown below).

Visitor domains and countries

Visitor Computer Operating Systems
Most website visitors use Windows, with Windows XP being by far the most popular version. However, a wide variety of other operating systems also were being used by website visitors in September.

Visitor Operating Systems

Visitor Web Browsers
Microsoft's Internet Explorer clearly won the web browser war years ago, but 4.4% of the September visitors used other browsers.

Visitor Web Browsers

How Did Visitors Find the Site?
If there has been any doubt in your mind about the importance of Google, look at the september statistics below. Other search engines are almost irrelevant in comparison to Google. Note that 29% of our visits come from direct web browser addressing or web browser Bookmarks (Favorites). That is unusual compared to most websites and another indication that previous visitors return.

How visitors found the site

Search Phrases and Words
Various visitors found the site in September by searching for 4464 different keyphrases and 1705 different keywords. These are the ten most popular search phases and search words that brought visitors to the site.

Top search phases and words

User Forum Statistics
The statistics on this page do not include User Forum visits, because the User Forum runs on a different server and its statistics are calculated separately.

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