Antelope Island Utah State Park

WPWA752 Traveler's Information Station Transmitter Site

WPWA752 transmits 24/7 on 530 kHz AM with 10-watts of power.

WPWA752 transmitter & antenna

This WPWA752 Antelope Island State Park Traveler's Information station is located along the side of the road near Mile Marker 3 on a causeway that connects Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake to shore. This early-evening photo was taken looking southwest toward Antelope Island.

The box on the backside of the antenna mast contains a 10-watt 530 kHz AM transmitter. A small VHF whip antenna on top of that box (barely visible in the photo) allows remote control from a site several miles east in Davis County.

This station has an amazingly-strong signal throughout a large area in northern Utah, probably because it is surrounded by Great Salt Lake water, which is typically three to five times saltier than sea water (but when the water level is low is sometimes eight to ten times saltier), and because there are no signal obstructions toward populated Wasatch Front areas north, east or south (there are no populated areas anywhere near to the west). The transmitter is line-of-sight to both the Salt Lake City and Ogden remote receiving sites. Even so, WPWA752's signal is rather weak at the Salt Lake City receiving site for an unknown reason. It is strong 50-meters in any direction, but the receiving antenna happens to be located in a WPWA752 signal null.

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