This is what MMANA looks like.

MMANA Antenna Modeling Program Screen Images

Images of the four most important MMANA screens

MMANA Geometry Screen
Antennas can be described in MMANA either numerically or graphically. The Geometry table above is used to describe antennas numerically. This antenna consists of four wires that have the X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 end-coordinates shown above. The specified test frequency is 7.05 MHz.

MMANA View Screen
The MMANA View screen shows a 3-dimensional drawing of the four antenna wires described in the Geometry table above. The curved blue lines show the magnitudes of the RF currents flowing through each part of each antenna wire at the specified 7.05 MHz test frequency. The small red circles show the two antenna feed points.

MMANA Compute Screen
The Start button on the Compute screen starts the antenna computation engine to calculate antenna current distributions, vertical and horizontal components of the far field azimuth and elevation radiation patterns, antenna gain, front-to-back ratio, feed impedance, and other things.

MMANA Far Field Plot Screen
The Far Field Plot screen shows azimuth and elevation plots of vertically and horizontally polarized components of the distant radiation field produced by the combined radiation from the four antenna wires described in the Geometry table when they are driven at 7.05 MHz.

MMANA has a variety of other useful screens that are not shown.

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