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MMANA Antenna Modeling Program Tutorial, Part 2

Install the MMANA antenna modeling program

File download dialog box
Windows XP File Download Dialog Box

See The Safety of Software Available from this Website if you are concerned about the safety of installing the MMANA program on your computer.

Click the Run Button
Click the Run button to ask Internet Explorer to run the MMANA installation program on your computer. Internet Explorer will display the following Security Warning dialog box:

IE security warning
Internet Explorer Security Warning

The MMANA installation program does not have a digital signature, because it is available without charge and an annual fee is charged for a digital signature. Furthermore, all a digital signature does is verify that the individual or firm who applied for it probably is who they claim to be. It doesn't otherwise insure that software is safe to install. I assure you that the MMANA installation program is safe to run.

Click the Run Button
The following setup dialog box will display asking if you want to continue:

Setup - Do you wish to continue?
First MMANA Setup Program Dialog Box

Click the Yes Button
Click the Yes button to start the MMANA program setup wizard. The following setup wizard dialog box will appear:

First MMANA setup program wizard diaplog  box
First MMANA Setup Program Wizard Dialog Box

Click the Next button if you previously closed any other programs that were running as advised on the previous page. Otherwise, click the Cancel button, close all other programs, and repeat the steps up to this point.

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