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MMANA Antenna Modeling Program Tutorial, Part 4

Starting the MMANA antenna modeling program

Starting MMANA
MMANA can be started from the Windows start menu or by double-clicking the MMANA desktop icon. Do the following to start MMANA from the Windows XP start menu:

  1. Click Start
  2. Move the mouse over All Programs
  3. Move the mouse over MMANA
  4. Click MMANA in the fly-out menu

Alternatively, you can start MMANA by double-clicking this MMANA icon on your computer desktop.

MMANA desktop icon

The MMANA Start-Up Program Window
You should see this program window when MMANA starts if the MMANA was installed correctly:

MMANA start-up program window
The MMANA Start-Up Program Window

Notice that the Geometry tab is selected in the upper-left corner of the program window by default. The geometry screen is a place where antenna elements can be described numerically in a spreadsheet format.

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