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PEX Insulation Material

November 21st Fact-of-the-Day

PEX water pipe is made from cross-linked high-density polyethylene that has excellent electrical insulating qualities including extremely high resistance, exceptionally low dielectric loss, a dielectric constant of 2.3 at 20 degrees C, and a rupture voltage of 60 to 90 KV per mm at 20 degrees C. It has very low moisture absorption, can be used in temperatures from -100 to 111 degrees C, is available in a range of diameters, is very light weight, is readily available throughout most of the world, and is very inexpensive. It has a range of potential electronic applications such as coil forms, high-voltage standoff insulators, etc. Excellent antenna insulators could be made from it, except for a major problem. The ultraviolet energy in sunlight damages it within 30 to 60 days. ©2004 Martek International All rights reserved.

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