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Folded Unipole Mounting Advantages

February 28th Fact-of-the-Day

It is necessary to insulate the bottom of a base-fed tower. There are several problems associated with that. 1) An insulator must be used below each leg of most self-supporting towers. 2) Base insulators must be strong, because they have to support the weight, side-thrust, twisting, leaning and mechanical vibrations of a tower. 3) Insulators that meet those requirements are relatively expensive. 4) If a base insulator fails mechanically, a tower may fall. 5) Broken base insulators can be difficult to replace. 6) Lightning strike and induction currents do not have the shortest or safest possible path to ground. The folded unipole alternative greatly reduces these problems, because one of the two adjacent conductors connects directly to ground. That can be the supporting member (a tower). The folded member must be insulated from the tower, but it can be composed of wires that are easy to insulate and support. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved."

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