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Best Place to Stop Interference

March 31st Fact-of-the-Day

Where possible, the best place to stop interference is generally at its source. The reason is simple. Interference usually spreads and becomes increasingly difficult to contain as it leaves its source. Put your hand over a screaming child's mouth and the noise is stopped at its source, but stopping the noise after it leaves the child's mouth and bounces off walls and other objects is extremely difficult. Radio frequency noise from an arcing powerline insulator usually travels down and radiates from multiple transmission lines. It can be stopped by correcting a single problem at its source, but stopping the noise after it spreads is extremely difficult. Transmitter harmonics can be much more easily filtered at the transmitter than after they radiate, for the same reason. Unfortunately, there is no known way to stop lightning noise at its source and some owners of powerful noise sources that could be stopped or easily filtered refuse to cooperate. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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