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Sound-Induced Hearing Loss

April 3rd Fact-of-the-Day

Radio amateurs and others who listen to high-amplitude signals and noise for long time periods risk permanent damage to their hearing. Multiple studies, from an industrial noise study in 1942 by Rosenblith through many others up to the present time, have found that long term exposure to high-level sound damages human hearing. However, it has been found that the damaging effects of different sounds are not equal. Hearing loss is most pronounced with exposure to sounds in the frequency region near 4000Hz, which is near the upper end of the sound power spectrum of the human voice. The width of the frequency band over which greatest damage occurs spreads as either exposure time or sound amplitude increases. Low frequency sound is significantly less hazardous than sounds near 4000Hz with the same exposure times and amplitudes. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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