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Storing Lithium-Ion Batteries

May 12th Fact-of-the-Day

Many people falsely assume that lithium-ion batteries should be stored fully-charged. Even without that assumption, someone who buys a spare lithium-ion battery for a laptop computer or handheld radio generally will keep the spare battery charged and ready for use. That is reasonable where two batteries will be swapped soon. However, lithium-ion battery storage capacity degrades significantly faster if a battery is stored fully-charged, rather than at a lower charge level. If lithium-ion batteries didn't self-discharge it would be better to store them almost fully discharged. However, they contain electronic circuitry that will fail and make a battery totally unusable if it ever becomes fully discharged, so the recommended charge prior to storage is 40-percent. A lithium-ion battery that is stored with a 40-percent charge will have 96-percent of its original storage capacity one year later. If will have only 80-percent of its original storage capacity after one year if it is stored fully-charged. ©2005 Martek, International. All rights reserved.

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