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Transmission Line Mechanical Analogy

June 19th Fact-of-the-Day

Imagine you have one end of an infinite-length rope in your hand. You move your hand up and down with a sinusoidal motion. That causes mechanical sine waves to propagate down the rope away from you. Those waves would continue down the rope forever at constant amplitude if the rope had no mechanical energy losses. Of course, real ropes have mechanical energy losses so very small portions of the mechanical energy you induce into the rope would be dissipated as heat and other very small portions would be coupled mechanically into surrounding air at each point down the rope, causing the strength of the wave to gradually diminish with distance. However, none of the energy ever would reflect back to you, because the mechanical impedance looking forward from each point down the rope would be the same as the mechanical impedance of the rope at that point. ©2005 Martek, International. All rights reserved.

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