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Computer Fan Maintenance

June 30th Fact-of-the-Day

Computer reliability is highly dependent on adequate cooling. A large percentage of computer problems result directly or indirectly from fan failure or insufficient air flow from fans. Fan bearing oil evaporates over time. The rate of evaporation increases with temperature. As bearing oil evaporates, bearing surfaces wear more rapidly and fans slow and eventually stop. It is possible to lubricate some types of computer fans with a hypodermic needle, but that remedy should be used only as an emergency measure until a new fan can be obtained, because fans lubricated that way often don't last very long and replacement fans are inexpensive. Dust accumulation is another important issue. Most fan blades accumulate a considerable amount of dust over time. The dust reduces air-moving efficiency. It also adds rotational drag, slowing fan rotation. Dust can be cleaned off fan blades, but cleaning it off is sometimes not easy. Fan replacement tends to be a better alternative. Why risk expensive computer problems to save the cost of an inexpensive fan? ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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