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Hertzian Waves

July 1st Fact-of-the-Day

In 1887, Heinrich (Rudolph) Hertz verified James C. Maxwell's 1864 theory that electrical disturbances should propagate through space at the speed of light as waves and that other properties of those waves should be the same as the properties of light. Hertz was a professor at Karlsruhe Polytechnic at that time and he verified Maxwell's theory by means of an extraordinary series of experiments at the school where he transmitted sufficient energy from a VHF spark transmitter that he built to cause an RF arc to form across terminals of resonant loop receiving antenna some distance away. Even though radio waves often are called Hertzian waves, it is interesting to note that Hertz did not use the waves associated with his name for communication and even thought their use for the purpose would be impractical. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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