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Yagi Antenna Invention

July 10th Fact-of-the-Day

If asked, many who have studied electronics would tell you Yagi antennas were invented by someone named Yagi. That would be only partly true. Yagi antennas were designed, constructed, and tested by two Japanese professors named Shintaro Uda and Hidetsugu Yagi. They began their work on the antenna in 1924. Professor Uda first described their revolutionary design in 1926 in a Japanese-language article published in IEEJ and during a personal presentation the same year at Tohuku University. Professor Yagi published an English-language version of Uda's IEEJ article two years later in the June 1928 IRE Proceedings. Yagi's English version was more widely read than Uda's Japanese version, which is the reason Yagi's name became so widely associated with the antenna. A U.S. patent was granted to Yagi and assigned to RCA in 1932. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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