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Meanings of the Term 'Flux'

July 25th Fact-of-the-Day

There are many specific applications for the term 'flux' in electronics. One refers to a material that facilitates soldering by chemical action that cleans and renders surfaces receptive to amalgamation with solder. Another refers to something that is changing, as where something is said to be in a 'state of flux.' Most others relate to force-fields, such as magnetic flux, electric flux, electromagnetic flux, etc. Although nearly everyone involved with electronics uses the term 'flux' in those ways, most would be unable to explain exactly what it means. When used to specify a force field, flux is a quantity that is proportional to the surface integral of the normal (orthogonal) force field intensity over a given area. For example, electromagnetic flux signifies the power or energy-per-unit-of-time passing through a defined surface area. Similarly, photon flux is the number of photons passing through a defined surface area per-unit-of-time, etc. ©2005 Martek International All rights reserved.

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