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Fact-of-the-Day Technical Content for Your Website

Interesting radio-related content for your website that changes daily to give your visitors reasons to return again and again

Fact-of-the-Day Syndication Service If you have a ham radio or shortwave listener website, give your visitors repeated reasons to return again and again to read interesting technical content that changes daily.

The Problem
Anyone who has created a website knows how much work goes into providing interesting content, deciding on page layouts, formatting, proofreading, and everything else involved -- and all that is only the start. Visitors have little reason to return repeatedly unless you have an unusually large amount of interesting content or something new and interesting each time. Finding, formatting and posting interesting new content regularly takes so much time that few webmasters do it, regardless of initial intentions. Any experienced web-surfer knows most sites haven't been updated for months and that it is common to find sites that haven't been updated for years.

The Solution -- Daily Technical Content that Changes Automatically at Your Website
You have just found a solution! Select a layout and color that will be best for your site, copy and paste access code into any number of your web pages, and your site will have interesting new technical content each day without charge. You don't even need to register. Just copy and paste some simple code and your website will instantly have interesting technical content that changes daily with no further effort by you.

Choose Either Standard or Custom Display Rectangles
Select a standard 120-pixel-width skyscraper, a standard 300-pixel-width medium rectangle, a standard 585-pixel-width wide rectangle, or custom-adjust the display size to fit available space at your site. Black technical content text is displayed on a white background, but you can choose between four standard frame colors or customize the frame color to exactly match other colors at your site.

Display Selections

  • Standard Wide Rectangles Copy & paste code to any number of pages at your website to show these 585-pixel-width Fact-of-the-Day display rectangles.
  • Standard Medium Rectangles Copy & paste code to any number of pages at your website to show these 300-pixel-width Fact-of-the-Day display rectangles.
  • Standard Skyscrapers Copy & paste daily Fact-of-the-Day skyscraper display code to any number of pages at your website.
  • Custom Rectangle Size or Color "Roll Your Own" if none of the standard Fact-of-the-Day rectangles fit available space or match colors at your website.

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