Electronics Terminology Glossary

A Small British-to-American Electronics Terminology Glossary

This short glossary of electronics-related British terms may assist Americans reading documents written in Great Britain.

Electronics-Related Terms
British Term American Meaning Examples/Further Explanations
Accumulator Storage battery Rechargeable batteries such as car batteries, cell phone batteries, etc.
Aerial Antenna In American usage, aerial more often refers to elevated power lines.
Bush Bushing Tuning shaft bushing, volume control bushing, etc.
Decoupling A filter used to prevent feedback coupling A filter used to prevent oscillation or to avoid undesirable frequency or phase response effects of feedback
Earth Ground Antenna ground, lightning protection ground, equipment safety ground
E.H.T Extra high tension (Very high voltage) Cathode ray tube plate supply voltage, x-ray tube anode supply voltage, voltage generated by a Tesla Coil
Former Coil form  
Four-Pole A four-terminal passive network A four-terminal balanced resistive audio line attenuator (pad), a four-terminal balanced lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, or notch filter
Gramophone Phonograph  
H.T. High tension (high voltage) Vacuum tube plate supply voltage, high voltage power lines
Long-Wave band 900 to 2,000 meters The lowest-frequency British AM broadcast band which extends from 150 to 333 kHz
L.T. Low tension (low voltage) Most transistor voltages, vacuum tube filament voltages, car battery voltage, flashlight battery voltage, and similar low voltages
Mains The main utility power circuit into a house or other structure Electric service drop
Medium-Wave band 200 to 500 Meters The British AM broadcast band that extends from 531 to 1,602 kHz with 9 kHz channel spacings
Relay Distribution of radio or TV programs from a master receiver or a broadcast studio to homes and apartments via cables Cable television, cable radio
Screening Shielding Aluminum, copper or other conductor shielding around IF transformers, between amplifier stages, around an antenna tuner, etc.
Shroud A strap used to hold transformer laminations  
Speech coil Loud speaker voice coil  
Tag Lug Solder lug
Torch Flashlight  
Valve Vacuum tube  
Valve holder Vacuum tube socket  

Unit of Measure
Unit British Meaning American Meaning
Billion 1 x 1012 1 x 109

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