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Resistive Attenuators

Resistive Matching-Pads & Attenuators

Author: R.J.Edwards G4FGQ © 30th June 2002

For given source and load resistances and required attenuation this program calculates the resistor values of T and Pi networks and minimum-loss pads.

After calculating exact resistor values for a network there is a facility to insert values from the various resistor tolerance ranges. After each insertion the network's changed attenuation is automatically re-calculated. The facility allows attenuator in-circuit performance to be predicted.

If an attenuation less than the minimum allowed by the source and load is put in the program then one of the resistors will have a negative value. The required attenuation must then be increased to the minimum value or more. Minimum- loss matching pads can be used to prevent reflections and echos originating at mismatched junctions of different transmission systems.

The program also computes the mismatch loss which occurs when source and load are directly connected. It is relative to the maximum possible power in the load when source and load are impedance matched using an ideal transformer.

Percent alongside resistors is % of input power dissipated in the resistor.

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This program is self-contained and ready to use. It does not require installation. Click this link PadMatch then click Open to run from the web or Save to save the program to your hard drive. If you save it to your hard drive, double-click the file name from Windows Explorer (Right-click Start then left-click Explore to start Windows Explorer) and it will run.

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