Overcoming Firefox's lack of built-in support for Windows Media Player

Adding Windows Media Player Support to Firefox Web Browsers

Learn how Firefox can be enhanced to enable listening to audio streams and watching videos in web pages containing embedded Windows Media Players (WMP).

Firefox's Lack of Native Support for Windows Media Player
Firefox has a strong following of loyal users who appreciate its advantages, but a frustrating weakness is its lack of built-in support for Windows Media Player. Many web pages have embedded Windows Media Players that Firefox is unable to display or use.

It has been possible to install various add-on modules to give older versions of Firefox embedded Windows Media Player support, but in some cases installation has been unreasonably complicated and confusing to most users and the various easy-to-install solutions often haven't worked reliably. The combination of an easy-to-install Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox plugin and an easy-to-install MediaWrap Firefox add-on have overcome that problem. Simply install those two modules and you will be able to use embedded Windows Media Players with Firefox.

Step-by-Step Instructions to add Embedded Windows Media Player Support to Firefox

  1. If you haven't done so already, upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. To do that:

    1. Start Firefox.
    2. Select Help/Check for upgrades ...
  2. The Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox plugin can be downloaded and installed from Port25, the Open Source Community at Microsoft. Follow the installation instructions on that page.
  3. To install the latest MediaWrap Firefox add-on:

    1. Start Firefox
    2. Select Tools/Add-ons
    3. Click the "Get Add-ons" icon in the upper-left corner of the Add-on window.
    4. Type MediaWrap in the "Search All Add-ons" search box.
    5. Click the "+ Add to Firefox" button.
    6. Restart Firefox.
  4. Go to the NASA Public TV page to test the installation.

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