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Bring More Visitors to Your Site. If you have a website, blog or discussion forum related to Amateur Radio you can submit it to the Ham Radio Search engine without charge. Many Ham Radio sites appear far down the search results provided by major search engines, because huge sites with thousands of incoming links from other large sites are ranked as being more important. They may be more important to some people, but not to hams trying to find something at your site. The Ham Radio Search engine includes only sites containing information related to Ham Radio, which makes Ham Radio sites easier to find. See About Ham Radio Search for more information.

Acceptable Sites To be acceptable for inclusion a site must have content reasonably related to some aspect of Ham Radio. These are examples of acceptable sites:

  • Personal Ham Radio sites, club sites, and net sites
  • Sites pertaining to the design, construction or performance of Amateur Radio antennas, equipment, or station accessories
  • Sites pertaining to Amateur Radio software or computer interfaces
  • Sites pertaining to DX, radio propagation, packet radio, SSTV, ATV, RTTY, Morse Code, contests, Amateur Radio licenses, Amateur Radio magazines, Amateur Radio news, shortwave listening, etc.
  • Sites with Amateur Radio discussion forums
  • Sites containing Amateur Radio product reviews or technical information
  • Commercial sites offering Amateur Radio products including materials such as wire, cable, connectors, tubes (valves), transistors, transformers, inductors, capacitors, or other components commonly used by Radio Amateurs.
  • Sites pertaining to emergency power, solar or wind power, weather monitoring, etc. that are not Amateur Radio sites, but that are related to the hobby and of interest to many Radio Amateurs.

Sites that are not Acceptable These are examples of sites that are not acceptable:

  • Sites that have no reasonably-direct relationship to Amateur Radio
  • Sites that advocate anything that is illegal or contrary to governmental rules
  • Sites that contain pornography, that defame, or that foster hate against any person or group of people

Site Submission Do the following to submit your site:

  1. Search for unique content at your site to be sure it is not already included before submitting your URL. To do that type a unique string of text from your site surrounded by quote marks in the Ham Radio custom search box and click the Search button. The quote marks will tell the search engine to only return sites that contain all the words you typed in the exact sequence that you typed them. There is no need to continue with the steps below if your site is already in the Ham Radio Search engine database.
  2. If your site was not found by the Ham Radio Search engine, perform the same test in the Google search box to be sure it is in the Google database. If your site is not in the Google database submit it to Google before proceeding.
  3. Enter your call sign if you are a licensed Radio Amateur.
  4. Enter your site URL one of these three ways:

    If your entire site pertains to Amateur Radio enter the top level URL like this:

    If only pages in a single directory pertain to Amateur Radio include the directory name like this:

    If only a single page pertains to Amateur Radio include its file name like this (insert directories as needed):

  5. Please type the security code below to help us distinguish human submissions from automated computer submissions.
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