Using the Kenwood R-5000 receiver

Salt Lake City Receiver Help

Help using the SLC receiver

Read Me First
Please read the Read Me First page before using the receiver.

Cannot Change Receiver Frequency
Make sure you are trying to set a frequency that is within the receiver 30 kHz to 30000 kHz or 108000 kHz to 174000 kHz tuning ranges. Note that the receiver does not receive the 88 to 108 MHz FM broadcast band.

Cannot Receive VHF Aviation Transmissions
Many users make one of these mistakes when trying to receive VHF aviation stations:

  • They select FM, instead of AM, mode. All VHF aviation stations use AM. FM is never used in the VHF aviation band.
  • They select LSB or USB, instead of AM. All VHF aviation stations use AM. SSB is never used in the VHF aviation band.
  • They enter frequencies in Megahertz and fail to check the MHz option box.

S-Meter Data Plot Flashing, Hesitating or Freezing
Anything that causes excessive communication delay between your web browser and the server or back from the server to your web browser will cause s-meter plot flashing, hesitating or freezing. These are possible causes:

  • Using a dial-in modem Internet connection. See Dial-In Modem Internet Connections
  • Using a satellite Internet connection. See Satellite Internet Connections
  • Using an 802.11 wireless Internet connection. See 802.11 Wireless Internet Connections
  • Using an exceptionally slow computer or a computer that is simultaneously running other demanding applications.
  • Using certain spyware/adware blocking programs (ie-spyad reportedly causes this problem). This website does not contain any parasites, trojans, key-loggers, datamining, scumware, web tracking components, or other such malware whatsoever. However, nasty code modules like that from other websites or passed by e-mail often communicate with distant servers using technologies similar to those used by this website to pass receiver control, receiver status, and S-Meter data back and forth. Because of that, some spyware/adware blocking programs block or delay communications with our server. The simple solution is to temporarily disable programs like that while using this site. A better, but more complicated, solution available with some programs like that is to configure them to not to block or otherwise interfere with communications to our URL.

Audio Media Player Does not Display in Receiver Control Panel
The receiver remote control system uses a component of Microsoft Windows Media Player to receive audio. Windows Media Player 9 or 10 must be installed for proper operation. Windows Media Player for Windows XP is compatible with the audio stream, but does not produce audio spectrum plots. Windows Media Player 10 is available from Microsoft without charge. Install Windows Media Player 10

Audio Media Player Cannot Connect
Our media server is currently set to serve receiver audio to a maximum of 120 simultaneous listeners. The audio media player in your receiver control panel will not be able to connect to our media server if there are too many simultaneous users. Please try again later.

Windows Media Player acting as if I'm always offline or returning error codes 0xCOOD1126 or 0xC00D11B3
You may be using Windows Media Player 7 or Windows Media Player for Windows XP instead of Windows Media Player 9 or 10. Install Windows Media Player 10 to correct the problem.

How can I eliminate a loud humming sound coming from my speakers when I listen to the receiver audio?

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Point to All Programs
  3. Point to Accessories
  4. Point to Entertainment
  5. Click Volume Control
  6. Mute all audio inputs you are not currently using, such as CD Audio, Mic In, and Line In.

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