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Do you suppose antennas more than 200 feet above ground have anything to do with JA3CZY's terrific DX signal?

Imagine the base of your tower 200 feet above ground! The base of "Elvin" Yuji Miura's tower is approximately that high, because he obtained permission to install it on top of his neighbor's building. He has remote controls in his shack to run the tower up and down, rotate the antennas, switch between antennas, and trigger remote alarms.

He had a two-element 80-meter beam on the tower for a several years, but it developed a problem last summer, so he replaced it with a rotatable 80-meter dipole. Even so, a dipole that high has a much lower vertical radiation angle than most hams can achieve on 80-meters with horizontal polarization, which gives him a terrific 80-meter DX signal.

JA3CZY Antennas

JA3CZY Antennas
"Elvin" Yuji Miura, JA3CZY, antennas above a 200-foot building in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan

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