KMTI antenna photos

Additional KMTI AM Broadcast Antenna Information & Photos

KMTI is located in Manti, Utah, 116-miles south of the Salt Lake City receiving site. It transmits day and night on 650 kHz.

Upper Guy Cable Insulators Note the long upper-guy-cable insulators in the KMTI antenna photograph below. The RF voltage is very high in the top portion of AM broadcast tower. Long insulators are used in the top guys to avoid flashovers and also to decrease the capacitance between cable sections, so guy-cable RF currents will be lower. See: Guy Insulator Capacitance Ordinary long antenna insulators of the types commonly used to insulate wire antennas are not suitable in this application, because guy-cable insulators must have sufficient tensile strength to keep a heavy tower with significant broadside surface area erect in high winds.

KMTI tower guy insulators
A March 4, 2005, KMTI AM broadcast antenna guy insulator photo

Lower Guy-Cable Insulators
The photo also shows that small insulators are used to insulate cable-sections in the lower guys. The RF voltage is lower in the bottom portion of a quarterwave radiator, so less-expensive short insulators can be used.

Guy Anchor Protection
The photo below shows a closer view of the long insulators used to isolate sections of the top guy cables and gives a better indication of their length. It also shows a protective fence around one of the guy anchors. It is very important to protect guy anchors from farm equipment, motor vehicles, and anything else that might run into and damage them, because potential injuries, damages and replacement costs associated with tower failure can be so extreme.

KMTI guy insulators and guy anchor
A March 4, 2005, photo showing a closer view of KMTI guy-cableinsulators and a protective fence around one of the guy anchors

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