Trish Ray's (K4ZE) TEN-TEC Jupiter Receiver in
Lebanon, Tennessee, USA

Receiver Compliments of Trish Ray, K4ZE
The Lebanon, Tennesse, receiver is made available to S-Meter site visitors compliments of Trish Ray, K4ZE.

Receiver & Audio Path
Audio is sent from Lebanon to the S-Meter site via a private feed. It is then served simultaneously to multiple listeners from a media server located here.

Receiving Antenna
The Lebanon receiver uses a large horizontal loop antenna that provides good reception throughout the HF spectrum.

Communicate with Trish & Others
Communicate with Trish, K4ZE, and other receiver listeners in the Receiver Users forum.

Maximum User Limit
The maximum user limit may have been reached if you are unable to hear audio from Trish's receiver.

You can take the links below without disconnecting from the receiver audio stream.

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