Computer Help Resources

Selected Computer-Related Websites

Computers have become important tools in most ham shacks. One of these sites may have information or software you need to keep your computers running properly.
  • 4Techies Download a free copy of the Ad-Aware SE 1.06 Personal Spyware Remover program to keep your computer free of parasites, browser hijackers, selected trojans, keyloggers, aggressive advertising, scumware, malware, datamining, dialers, and tracking components.
  • Dell Technical Support E-mail or phone Dell Technical support about problems with Dell computers.
  • HP Technical Support Search the HP knowledge base for troubleshooting information and download the latest HP Computer device drivers.
  • IBM Technical Support Search the IBM technical support knowledge base and download the latest software fixes, updates and device drivers for IBM computers.
  • Microsoft Download Center Search for the latest product updates from Microsoft in dozens of languages.
  • Microsoft Developer Support Site Search the Microsoft developer Knowledge Base for solutions to computer problems. The information at this site is written for computer programmers. Some of it will be difficult for others to understand. However, this is one of the best places to find information about and solutions to problems with Windows or software running under Windows.
  • Symantec Technical Support Get help installing or using Symantec products such as Norton Antivirus, PC Anywhere, WinFAX, etc.
  • Tom's Hardware Tom’s Hardware Guide site, targets “grassroots technologists”— the huge population of technology early adopters who have grown up on video games, computers and gadgets—and have an insatiable need for more.

Other Resources

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