Sea and air LF communication and navigation stations

Low Frequency Communication and Navigation Stations

These stations often can be received by the Newport, Oregon receiver at night during winter months when the lightning-strike static level is low. Low-frequency radio propagation conditions vary considerably at different times of day and at different times of year. Noise levels also vary widely at different times, especially noise due to lightning. Lightning-caused static propagates over long distances in this part of the radio spectrum and often makes summertime reception of weak low-frequency signals difficult or impossible.

LF Communication & Navigation Stations
from SLC
37.5 kHz NRK 100 KW 5290 Miles A U.S. Navy communication station located at Keflavik, Iceland. Usually can be received at night during the winter.
40.8 kHz NAU 100 KW 4200 Miles A U.S. Navy communication station located at Aquada, Puerto Rico. Usually can be received at night during the winter.
60 kHz WWVB 50 kW ERP 1000 Miles Not a communication or navigation station. See Time & Frequency Standard Station WWVB
100 kHz None Baudette, MN 800 KW
Fallon, NV 400 KW
George, WA 1400 KW
Gillette, WY 540 KW
Havre, MT 400 KW
Middletown, CA 400 KW
Searchlight, NV 540 KW
Williams Lake, BC 400 KW
(also many other more-distant stations)
1760 Miles
451 Miles
261 Miles
911 Miles
746 Miles
416 Miles
814 Miles
526 Miles
A chain of Loran-C radio navigation stations transmitting pulse-coded signals on the same frequency. Provides navigation location and timing services for air, land and marine users. The Loran-C system serves the 48 continental states, their coastal areas, and parts of Alaska.
200 kHz UAB Unknown 535 Miles MCW Non-Directional Navigation Beacon (NDB), Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Often receivable at night.
204 KHz YFY Unknown 1810 Mil es Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada
223.1 kHz YKA Unknown 450 Miles MCW Non-Directional Navigation Beacon (NDB), Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Often receivable at night.
234 kHz 7H Unknown 3120 Miles Marystown, Newfoundland, Canada
236.1 kHz YZA Unknown 440 Miles MCW Non-Directional Navigation Beacon (NDB), Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada. Often receivable at night.
245 kHz CB Unknown 1830 Miles Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada
260 kHz EU Unknown 53 Miles Eugene, Oregon
266 kHz SL Unknown 53 Miles Salem, Oregon
280 kHz GVV Unknown 396 Miles MCW Non-Directional Airport Beacon (NDB), Grangeville, Idaho. Receivable at night.
296 kHz LGD Unknown 296 Miles La Grande, Oregon
303 kHz


10 KW 788 Miles USCG Differential Global Positional System Running 10KW Transmitter located at Myton, Utah. Transmission Rate: 100 BPS
305 kHz ONO Unknown 351 Miles Ontario, Oregon
332 kHz LBH   99 Miles Portland-Blue Lake, Oregon
344 kHz FCH 400 Watts 521 Miles MCW Non-Directional Airport Beacon (NDB), Fresno-Chandler, California. Receivable at night.
344 kHz XX 1600 Watts 316 Miles MCW Non-Directional Navigation Beacon (NDB), southwest of Abbotsford Airport, about 40 miles east of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Receivable at night.
350 kHz ON Unknown 4 Miles Newport, Oregon
356 kHz MEF Unknown 169 Miles Medford, Oregon
356 kHz PND Unknown 98 Miles Portland, Oregon
360 kHz BO 400 Watts 289 Miles MCW Non-Directional Airport "USTIK" Beacon (NDB), Boise, Idaho. Receivable at night.
373 kHz MF Unknown 168 Miles Medford, Oregon
378 kHz OT   85 Miles North Bend, Oregon
388 kHz MM Unknown 998 Miles Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
400.1 kHz QQ Unknown 349 Miles MCW Non-Directional Navigation Beacon, Comox, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Often receivable at night.
404 kHz MOG 100 Watts 215 Miles MCW Non-Directional Airport Beacon, Montague (NDB), California. Often receivable at night. Use USB Mode to reduce interference.
408 kHz MW 25 Watts 287 Miles MCW Non-Directional Airport Beacon (NDB), Moses Lake, Washington. Often receivable at night.
411 kHz RD 400 Watts 144 Miles Bodey MCW Non-Directional Airport Beacon (NDB), Redmond, Oregon. Often receivable at night.
414 kHz LYI 100 Watts 481 Miles MCW Non-Directional Aircraft Beacon (NDB), Libby, Montana. Often receivable at night.

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