Jim Southwick's (N7JS) Trunking Scanner in
Ogden, Utah, USA

Receiver & Audio Path
This receiver is a Bearcat Trunking Scanner located on a high bench on the east side of Ogden, Utah. Audio is sent from the receiver to the S-Meter site via a high-quality feed. It is then served simultaneously to multiple listeners from a media server located here.

This trunking scanner uses a telesoping whip antenna located high above the valley floor and approximately 5100 feet above sea level.

Jim Southwick Antenna Photo

Closer View of some of Jim's Antennas

Maximum Users
There is audio streaming support for 50 simultaneous users. That limit may have been reached if you are unable to hear audio from the receiver.

Compliments of Jim Southwick
This receiver is made available to S-Meter website visitors compliments of Jim Southwick, N7JS. Jim Southwick Photo

Photo of Lightning Near Jim's Receiving Location

Repeaters East of Jim's Receiving Location

Current Ogden. Utah Area Radar Weather Map

Important Audio Streaming Rules

Hourly Audio Stream Leasing

Other receivers you can use from the S-Meter website

Browse the S-Meter Site while Listening without Disconnecting

Please do not waste Internet bandwidth and a media connection slot staying connected to the receiver audio stream while you are not listening.