Sunspot Cycle Forecasts

Future Sunspot Cycle Predictions

How good or bad are radio propagation conditions apt be in coming years?

Sunspot Cycles are Difficult to Accurately Predict. Solar physicists believe the speed of a massive circulating current of hot plasma within the Sun predicts the amplitudes of sunspot cycles approximately twenty years into the future. In the years prior to 2006 that speed had become lower than ever before observed. Based on the plasma-speed/future-cycle-amplitude theory, a team led by physicist Mausumi Dikpata of the National Center for Atmospheric Research predicted Cycle 24 would be intense. NASA solar physicist David Hathaway agreed, but predicted Cycle 25 will be extraordinarily weak. Dikpati's team prediction for Cycle 24 is shown above in pink. Hathaway's Cycle 24 and 25 predictions are shown in red.

Take the Current Sunspot Cycle link below the forecast plot to see what has actually happened and the current prediction.

Sunspot cycle predictions
Past sunspot cycles up to the spring of 2006 are shown in black.
The two future sunspot cycle predictions are shown in red and pink.

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