Based on NOAA POES satellite data extrapolations

Southern Hemisphere Auroral Activity

Courtesy of the NOAA Space Environment Center

The center time of the most recent NOAA POES satellite south polar pass measurements used to extrapolate the statistical auroral oval plot displayed below.
The Normalization Factor (n) which indicates the degree of confidence that reasonably can be placed in the plot below. Normalization Factors below 2 indicate a reasonable level of confidence. Increasingly less confidence is justified for Normalization Factors above 2. The Normalization Factor is based on the effectiveness of the NOAA POES satellite in measuring auroral activity and hemispheric power flux during its most recent polar pass.n =n 
Estimated Current Southern Hemisphere Auroral Activity

Southern Hemisphere Statistical Auroral Plot Notes

  • This statistical plot provides an estimate of the location, intensity and extent of current southern hemisphere aurora by indicating the likelihood that the aurora is near geographic locations in the southern hemisphere. The estimates are based upon measured power flux conditions that existed during the most recent south polar NOAA POES satellite pass.
  • Estimated power fluxes in the plot are color-coded in steps from 0 to 10 according to the color-bar legend displayed on the right.
  • The red arrow in the plot points in direction of the noon meridian at the time the image was created.
  • Updated images are are produced every ten minutes to adjust for earth rotation. Click your web browser refresh or reload button to display the most recent plot.

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