Manfred, 7Z1UG

Manfred, 7Z1UG, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Manfred, 7Z1UG, provides and maintains the Riyadh Icom 756 Pro III receiver that is available to S-Meter site visitors.

Manfred, 7Z1UG

Manfred, 7Z1UG, is a German who has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia as a government consultant for more than twenty years. His German call sign is DK2UG. He operates on all ham bands except 80 and 30 meters using an IC 756 Pro III, TS 850 SAT with DSP100, 3-element SteppIR, and a Cushcraft R8. He also has a W2IHY 8-Band Equalizer, EQ Plus, and Behringer Audio Chain to enhance his audio quality.

  • Listen to Manfred's receiver (Not Currently Available)

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