SLC receiver reception notes

Salt Lake City Receiving Station Reception Notes

Miscellaneous comments and observations

Antenna Issues
A 270' 9" vertical delta loop is currently being used for all frequencies below 30 MHz. The top side is 100 feet above ground. A 100-foot vertical antenna also has been installed, but feed-line lightning protection needs to be added before that antenna will be safe to leave connected to the receiver 24/7.

Power-Line Noise
The receiving site is far from the nearest aerial power line. Power service to the site is buried and the incoming power line is relatively free of RF noise. However, aerial power lines far away in the valley below radiate significant amounts of interference. The power line noise that can be heard probably is coming from multiple distant sources.

3995 kHz "Ocean Waves"
Some users have expressed curiosity about the source of an occasionally strong 3995 kHz signal that sounds somewhat similar to ocean waves. Many international broadcasters are switching from AM to a digital broadcasting. The 3995 kHz 'ocean wave' signal is a Deutsche Welle international digital radio broadcast. Consider it to be DX beacon, because the skip is long if you can hear that signal in the United States. This is a recorded example:

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