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QRP ham radio frequencies

Amateur Radio QRP Calling Frequencies

QRP is one of a set of quick-to-send symbols beginning with the letter Q, for Quick.

Originally QRP was sent in Morse Code to quickly communicate that a station was using Reduced Power. Over the many years since that time it has come to generally mean "very-low-power," rather than "reduced power." Of course, "reduced" and "very-low" are both relative descriptions. One person's concept of very-low-power may be relatively high-power to another. Even so, among Radio Amateurs, QRP now is generally understood to mean a CW transmitter with 5-watts or less RF power output or SSB transmitter with 10-watts or less RF peak-envelope-power output.

Calling Frequencies Commonly Used by
Very-Low-Power Amateur Radio Stations

Band NameCalling FrequencyMode
MF160 Meters1810 kHzCW
MF160 Meters1818 kHzCW
MF160 Meters1843 kHzSSB Europe
MF160 Meters1910 kHzLSB
HF80 Meters3560 kHzCW
HF80 Meters3690 kHzSSB Europe
HF80 Meters3710 kHz (Novice)CW
HF80 Meters3711 kHz (Novice)CW
HF75 Meters3985 kHzLSB
HF40 Meters7040 kHzCW
HF40 Meters7090 kHzSSB Europe
HF40 Meters7110 kHz (Novice)CW
HF40 Meters 7285 kHzLSB
HF30 Meters10106 kHzCW
HF30 Meters10116 kHzCW
HF20 Meters14060 kHzCW
HF20 Meters14285 kHzUSB
HF17 Meters18069 kHzCW
HF17 Meters18096 kHzCW
HF17 Meters18130 kHzUSB
HF15 Meters21060 kHzCW
HF15 Meters21110 kHz (Novice)CW
HF15 Meters21285 kHzSSB Europe
HF15 Meters21385 kHzUSB
HF12 Meters24906 kHzCW
HF12 Meters24956 kHzUSB
HF10 Meters28060 kHzCW
HF10 Meters28110 kHz (Novice)CW
HF10 Meters28360 kHzSSB Europe
HF10 Meters28885 kHzUSB
VHF2 Meters144060 kHzCW
VHF2 Meters144285 kHzSSB

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