Radio Spectrum
What the Newport Kenwood R-5000 can receive

Newport, Oregon Receiver Receivable Radio Spectrum

Radio spectrum that can be received by the Newport receiver

Standard Kenwood R-5000 Tuning Range
The specified tuning range of a standard Kenwood R-5000 communications receiver is 100 kHz to 30000 kHz (30 MHz). Despite the manufacturer's specification, the tuning range actually begins at 30 kHz. 100 kHz probably is specified, because the sensitivity is poor at lower frequencies. This tuning range includes those parts of the radio frequency spectrum called Low Frequencies (LF), Medium Frequencies (MF), and High Frequencies (HF). The High Frequency portion also is commonly called shortwave.

Optional Extended VHF Tuning Range
An optional Kenwood VC-20 VHF converter can be installed in a Kenwood R-5000 to extend the tuning range to include 108000 kHz to 174000 kHz (108 MHz to 174 MHz). The Newport, Oregon receiver has a VC-20 VHF converter installed. The additional frequency range enabled by that converter includes aircraft navigation, aircraft communication, satellite data, Amateur Radio, Public Utility Services, NOAA Weather Radio, and various other services.

Combined Tuning Range
The combined coverage therefore includes these two ranges:

30 kHz to 30000 kHz
(.030 MHz to 30 MHz)
108000 kHz to 174000 kHz
(108 MHz to 174 MHz)

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