LF stations that often can be received by the Salt Lake City receiver

Low-Frequency Stations

LF Station Database

The low-frequency stations listed on the pages below are within the tuning range of the remotely-controllable Salt Lake City receiver. They all can be received by that receiver during ideal listening times which tend to be late at night (local time) during winter months. However, low-frequency radio propagation conditions vary considerably at different times of day and year. Noise levels also vary widely at different times, especially static crashes due to lightning. Lightning-caused static propagates over long distances in this part of the radio spectrum and often makes makes summertime reception of weak low-frequency signals difficult or impossible over wide areas.

  • Low-Frequency Navigation Stations A database of air, land and sea low-frequency communication and navigation stations. Reception usually is best late at night during wintertime.
  • Low-Frequency Time & Frequency A stable frequency reference traceable to the U.S. national standard that can be received in Salt Lake City 24/7.

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