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Statistical Calculation Methods

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If you think you don't understand statistics, you may understand more than you realize, because a statistical method is any technique used to obtain, analyze and present numerical data. You have used a statistical method of some kind every time you have ever done that.

If you think statistical methods have little application to shortwave radio, think again. Have you ever used a technique of some kind to obtain, analyze and present numerical SWR data, antenna pattern data, frequency response data, frequency drift data, signal strength data, or other radio-related data? If so, you have used a statistical method of some kind. It may have been a method you invented or it may have been a well known method. Either way it was a statistical method.

  • Contingency Table The Significance of the Difference between two Proportions The four-data array, all integers, plus marginal totals is known as a 2-by-2 Contingency Table. It is used to statistically compare two numerical proportions which can occur in a great variety of statistical circumstances...

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